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Preschool- Age 3-4

Pre-K- Age 4-5

Kinder- Age 5-6

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  Preschool  info

Kinder Option-

2020-2021 Scholastic FX Registration Information.
Registration $40-Holds your spot.
Supply Fee $100

Monthly Tuition $170 (due 1st of each month)

All students need to be pull up free and potty trained.

Class needs- Back pack and folder with name of student visible. Healthy snack i.e.

half of a sandwich, carrots, fruit snacks and juice.

SFX Preschool has open registration. Registration starts August 3, 2020  for upcoming year.

Schedule- Classesare 4 days a week, (Monday-Thursday) for 3 hours a day.

  Morning class ages 3-4, 9:00-12:00.  Spots available
Afternoon class ages 4-5, 11:30-2:30

Kinder class upon request

SFX program is bilingual and fine arts.

Through the year the students learn dancing, dance classes are optional (Girls dance- Wed. 6:00-6:30, Boys hip hop- Wed. 6:30-7:00  (no additional tuition fee)However, you are responsible for the uniform fee of $55),sign language and Spanish. Dance class times subject to change. 

SFX take fun adventurous field trips to places like the pumpkin patch, the dentist and the fish hatchery. All field trips are optional.
We focus on academics, do reading groups, and also emphasize self-reliance in our class environment. We teach the students skills they will need to be leaders, and at the top of their kinder class. We teach manners and bring out the school bus for our pre-k class to get them excited about their next big step. Our students typically test at the top of their class in Kinder and we have had such amazing feedback from parents. Our teachers love the students like they are their own. You will see it in what they learn. I am sure you had a chance to scroll through our FB pages and see how we run things and look at the students busy at work, having fun, interacting, or even reading.

Check out our Facebook page at FX - Home | Facebook

School starts the day after Labor Day in September. A student can register at any time throughout the year upon availablity.

We schedule parent walk through durning a class day. If you would like to see how things are run. Walk through will start in August.  Please call for appointment.  We have walk through either Tuesday or Thursday at 11:40-12:00 through out the school year. If you would like to schedule a walk through just let us know.  

Merry Christmas
Scholastic FX, SFX
Scholastic FX, SFX

Covid-19 Info

In accordance with the regulations for phase 2 opening, laid out by the state of  Washington, DFX is following all disinfecting procedures, as well the limits on number of people allowed for indoor recreation.  DFX have added classes to insure that there will be legally allowed number in each class time.  Students have been encouraged to wear a mask but is not mandatory.  Class setting has been fix to stick with the 6 feet social distancing rule.  No parents or extra people are allowed to sit in the office.

Thank you for understanding

SFX, Scholastic FX, MOses lake

2021-2022 Registration

April 12,2021

Registration and Supple Fee Paid to hold spot

Limited Space

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Download registration packet, Bring to Studio.

530 West Valley (Chicos Pizza Building)

Click on add for registration packet.

Scholastic FX Preschool
Scholastic FX Preschool

    "I can't even begin to describe the love I have for this preschool.  It is absolutely amazing!  The teachers have so much love for the students and teach them things ytou would never think your 4-5 year old could do!  You will not be disappointed!"       Ashley    

  "We had a fantastic year at SFX!  Can't wait for our third year.  Always welcoming the students with a genuine smile on teachers face, you can really tell the love the teachers have for their students!"   Kailee  

"This is an Amazing School.  Great teachers with big hearts.  Thank you for teaching my son.  He loves school, his teachers and learning.  HighLy Recommended"               Monica   



Grandma Black

Excited for another year of SFX!

Mother of 5 kids.

Grandma Black is excited to be back again this next year.  She has a blast watching the students progress.  She loves to teach the "do's and dont's"


Mr. Toby

Celebrating 10 years of SFX!

Excited to be offering the best preschool in the area.  Glad to be around willing kids that like school, smile and are ready to learn.